RAE Systems ppbRAE 3000+ PID

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#Handheld ppbRAE VOC Sensor#Connects to Phone App Via Blue Tooth#3-second response time#Extended range from 1 ppb to 10,000 ppm with highly acute linearity
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RAE Systems ppbRAE 3000+ PID

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RAE System's compact ppbRAE 3000+ is a comprehensive VOC gas monitor and datalogger for hazardous environments. The ppbRAE 3000+ is one of the most advanced handheld VOC monitors available for parts-per-billion detection. This third-generation patented PID device monitors VOCs using a photoionization detector with a 9.8 eV, 10.6 eV UV-discharge lamp. The built-in wireless modem allows real-time data connectivity with the command center located up to two miles/3 km away (with optional RAELink3 portable modem) from the detector.

 Accurate VOC measurement in all operating conditions

  • Easy access to lamp and sensor in seconds without tools
  • Patented sensor and lamp autocleaning reduces maintenance
  • Monitors real-time readings and location of people
  • Low Cost of Ownership: 3-year 10.6eV lamp Warranty
  • BLE module and dedicated APP for enhanced datalogging function


Proven PID Technology

  • 3-second response time
  • Extended range from 1 ppb to 10,000 ppm with highly acute linearity
  • Humidity compensation with integral humidity and temperature sensors
  • Reflex PID Technology


  • Highly connectivity capability through multiple wireless module options
  • Integrated Correction Factors list of 220 compounds—more than any other PID
  • Includes flashlight for dark conditions
  • Large graphic display presents gas type, Correction Factor and concentration


  • Easy access to battery, lamp and sensor in seconds without tools
  • Rugged housing withstands use in harsh environments
  • IP-67 waterproof design for easy cleaning and decontamination


  • Oil & Gas
  • HazMat
  • Industrial Safety
  • Civil Defense
  • Environmental & Indoor Air Quality