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TG Technical Services offers a complete array of gas monitor services.  These services vary from instrument calibration to pump rebuilds. Work is performed by Certified Gas Monitor Technicians and we are able to service all brands.

We can also helpfully answer questions such as:

  • What exactly does gas monitor calibration entail?
  • Why do you even need to get gas monitors calibrated?
  • How often should you obtain gas monitor services?

Gas monitor calibration evaluates whether the sensor can measure the known concentration of a calibrating gas correctly. The calibration electronically adapts the gas monitor to compensate whenever it can't. Essentially, calibration is the process of aligning a sensor with a calibrating gas.

The primary reason you need to have gas monitors calibrated is due to calibration drift. Calibration Drift arises whenever the sensor cannot precisely measure the calibration gas. This can happen due to several factors. For example, sensors inside electronic components will naturally degrade over time due to chemical deterioration. Prolonged exposure to and usage under adverse climatic conditions, such as extreme temperatures and humidity, along with high quantities of airborne particles, can create problems. Even normal wear and tear from bumping and shaking the equipment can cause enough vibrations or shock to damage circuitry and components over time.

Calibrations are customarily required every three to six months, although you may want to get them done more or less frequently than that, depending on your usage or the manufacturer's recommendation. For example, if you only use the monitor a few times a year for non-critical purposes, you should calibrate it before each usage. You should also have equipment inspected right away whenever you experience problems. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to schedule gas monitor services every six months.

How to Return a Gas Monitor Instrument for Service:

To return an instrument for service, please download the Return Form (RMA) below and return it along with your instrument.  

If you prefer, please call us at 816-524-8100 for a RMA # and shipping instructions. 

Pricing for Our In-House Gas Monitor Services 

Gas Monitor Calibration Services

1-2 Gas Instruments    $ 85.00 per Instrument

3-4 Gas Instruments    $ 140.00 per Instrument


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