Sensit Gas Leak Detector

Gas leak monitors alert personnel to the presence of gas in an area. Use a Sensit gas leak detector to determine where a leak is occurring.

Gas leaks are hazardous to an individual’s health and the environment. Toxic gases can reach dangerous concentrations in insufficiently ventilated, confined spaces. Low oxygen levels can cause health problems such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, and loss of consciousness.

Gas leaks can also cause fires and explosions. Use a portable combustible gas leak detector to locate gas leaks so that you can seal them off. Sealing leaks will protect personnel and lower your business’s carbon footprint.

Sensit gas leak detectors respond to a long list of gases. Use your device to monitor the presence of gas before entering and while working in confined spaces. Shop with TG Technical Services today for state-of-the-art gas leak monitors.