Honeywell (E3SRMNO2) E3Point Remote Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor

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#Dependable, long lasting sensor#Always remove power when replacing sensor#Only Works with E3Point STANDALONE Monitors
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Remote Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) replacement sensor for Honeywell Analytics' line of E3Point Toxic and Combustible Monitors.

This is a REMOTE sensor and it does NOT fit inside of the E3Point. Remember to REMOVE the power before installing the sensor.

Operating Temperatures: -40° to 50°C (-40° to 122°F)

Model Number: E3SRMNO2

Order Number: 1309A0057

Compatible with:

Honeywell Stand Alone (E2SA) Gas Monitor with 24 Vac/Vdc

Honeywell Stand Alone (E2SAH) Gas Monitor with 120 Vac/Vdc