Draeger Safety X-act 7000 Multi-Gas Detector with MicroTubes

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Draeger Safety X-act® 7000 Multi-Gas Detector with MicroTubes

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Measures the lowest-quantity concentrations with lab-quality analysis Concentrations of hazardous substances in ambient workplace air must never exceed the defined limits.
Monitoring these sometimes very low concentration levels is a responsible task. The Dräger X-act 7000 in combination with Dräger MicroTubes is focused on measuring carcinogenic and toxic substances in the low ppb range. This sensitive testing system is based on colorimetric chemical sensors capable of replacing conventional laboratory analysis and providing precise results right on site. This saves time and money.

More safety thanks to high selectivity

The substance-specific reactive layers and multiple pre-layers in the Dräger MicroTubes allow for selective gas testing. The various layers serve as a filter. During testing, they filter out other substances that occur in the workplace so that only the target substance is reflected in the test result. This significantly reduces cross sensitivities and the number of false-positive test results.

Explosion-proof and ready to use

The RFID tags applied to the Dräger MicroTubes contain all the calibration data that apply throughout their normal lifespan of one year. This eliminates the need for lengthy function tests and manual calibration. Because it works on the basis of mass-flow measurement, air pressure fluctuations have no influence on the device. Any possible temperature or humidity influences are already accounted for during the factory calibration. The analyzer is explosion-proof and certified under ATEX and CSA. The system is also dust- and splash-resistant in accordance with IP54. It also meets the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility under EN 61326-1.

Easy to use

After an automatic self-test, the X-act 7000 analysis system is immediately ready for use. It is suitable for testing with all available Dräger MicroTubes. Simply insert the right Dräger MicroTube for your testing needs. The automatic drive carefully draws the MicroTube in and positions it. Control your test using the 3-button control and 2.4 inch colour display. When the test is complete, the green LED will glow and a message is displayed on the screen. You can store the test result, location and time in the internal data logger and read it later using the Dräger CC Vision software. The device is powered by five easily replaceable AA alkaline batteries. The battery life lasts for more than ten hours of testing and can be read on the display. Also suitable for remote sampling Using the coupler (connector piece), the Dräger X-am® Pump can be attached to the X-act 7000. This allows you to test for carcinogenic and toxic substances in the ppb range, even in hard-to-reach places like ducts,
pipelines or tanks up to a distance of 45 meters (147.6 feet). Because the X-am Pump is also certified explosion-proof for Zone 0, it is perfectly suited for these tasks.