Draeger CDR 4500 Full Face Respirator for CANNISTERS

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#Civil defense protection#Approved in accordance with NIOSH CBRN#Available in various sizes#Continuous high level of wearing comfort#Large field of view and anti-scratch coating#Good voice communication#Standardized round thread connection
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Draeger CDR 4500 Full Face Respirator for CANNISTERS 

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The Draeger CDR 4500 full face mask, combined with our CBRN Cap 1 canister, provides a CBRN approved combination specially developed for use in civil defense and civil protection.

Intended use
This air purifying respirator is to be used during entry into chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) atmospheres not immediately dangerous to life or health.

Civil defense protection
The full face mask CDR 4500 provides proven protection from harmful gases and particles in the ambient air for civil defense. It is equipped with a centrally located and standard NATO canister connection and can be used with our CBRN Cap 1 canister.

Approved in accordance with NIOSH CBRN
​The full face mask has an approval in accordance with the NIOSH-CBRN standard in combination with the CBRN Cap 1 canister.

Available in various sizes
​The full face mask is available in different versions and sizes. The components are designed for the special command in matt black to reduce reflections to a minimum.

Continuous high level of wearing comfort
​The double sealing frame and the centrally located standard NATO canister connection guarantee a high level of wearing comfort. The safe and free from leakage fit of the CDR 4500 offers a high level of safety to the wearer.

Large field of view and anti-scratch coating
​The high quality lens with anti-scratch coating ensures a large undistorted field of view and offers improved mechanical & chemical resistance.

Good voice communication
​The integrated speech diaphragm supports a clear voice communication.

Standardized round thread connection
​The canister connection is via a centrally located standard NATO Rd40 round thread.

Technical Data
  Mask as a whole: High chemical resistance according to EN 136, resistance even against warfare agents (to US NIOSH CBRN standard).
    High ageing resistance
  Mask body: Silicone-free elastomer
  Sealing frame: Double seal with triple sealing line for comfortable, tight fit
  Visor: Impact-proof polycarbonate with anti-scratch coating on both sides for high chemical resistance Large field of vision and excellent quality of vision
  Canister connection: Standard thread NATO 40 mm
  Weight: Approx. 1.1 lbs. / 500 g (without canister)
  Harness: 5-point (large adjusting points to prevent trapping of hair)
  Neck strap: As standard
  Speech diaphrag: Stainless steel, high speech quality
  Resistance: To US CBRN APR standard against sarin and mustard gas for up to 8 hours.
  Approvals: US NIOSH CBRN standard (TC-14G-0286) also approved to EN 136 Cl. 3, CE mark

CAUTION Never use a facepiece that leaks!