Draeger Aerotest Simultan HP + P Navy 4500psi

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Draeger Aerotest Simultan HP + P Navy (<=4500 psi), complete

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Specially designed to meet the requirements of the Navy, the Draeger Aerotest® Navy is used to monitor the purity of breathing air in the high pressure range.

Using the Draeger Aerotest Navy, it is possible to determine the quality of the breathing air which is supplied by a compressor or a compressed gas cylinder (up to a maximum pressure of 300 bar). By means of the test system, the reliable testing of the breathing air is ensured according to the US navy standard.

All components of the Draeger Aerotest Navy are arranged in a compact, convenient case and ready for use.

Includes: Deluxe Carrying Case, Instruction Booklet, Pressure Reducer, Measuring Device for 4 Tubes, CGA 347 Adapters, Tube Opener, Timer, accuro® Pump, Spare Parts Kit (accuro®) and Draeger-Tubes®

Operating temperature 59° F to 77° F, 1,013 mbar

Min. operating pressure (bar) 10

Primary pressure max. (bar) 300

Draeger Part No. 6525960