Brasch Complete NETWORK Gas Monitoring System with CO Sensors

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Brasch Complete NETWORK  Gas Monitoring System with CO Sensors

This is a complete Parking Garage system with controller and carbon monoxide sensors

Gas Detector Control Panel

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Brasch GDCP-Touch gas detector control panel is designed to monitor any size area for low levels of toxic gases and control HVAC equipment to provide the ultimate gas detection system. Each control panel is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, can accept up to 30 remote carbon monoxide (CO) and/or nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sensors, and includes 4 fully configurable control relays for actuating ventilation equipment. Up to 128 sensors and 32 relays can be added via the GDCP-ExpansionPack. Analog, Modbus, and BACnet outputs are provided standard for communication with a BMS, DDCS, or VFD.

Fixed industrial gas detector control panel with touch screen for actuating HVAC equipment in parking garages, repair shops, warehouses, maintenance depots, loading docks, and more. Communicates with BMS via BACnet IP and Modbus RTU. Connect up to 30 CO and/or NO2 remote sensors.Connect up to 128 remote sensors via GDCP-ExpansionPacks.

Carbon Monoxide Remote Sensor

Fixed industrial gas sensor for monitoring carbon monoxide (CO) and controlling HVAC equipment in conjunction with the GDCP-Touch Gas Detector Control Panel. Covers up to 9,000 sq. ft.