Macurco CM-6 or CM-12 Standalone Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector

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The CM-6 and CM-12 standalone carbon monoxide (CO) detectors by Macurco provide long-lasting sensor solutions. Get yours at TG Technical Services.
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Macurco Carbon Monoxide CO Detector & Controller

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Commercial Series

6-Series (12-24V) & 12-Series (120V) Fixed Gas Detectors

The Macurco CM-6 & CM-12 standalone carbon monoxide (CO) detectors provide life-saving solutions aimed to protect people and property. These fixed gas detectors are designed for low level detection, mitigation, and notification. Let these Macurco carbon monoxide detectors do the work for you by shutting off valves, turning on fans, engaging horns and strobes, and provide notification to fire panels and building automation systems when gases reach key limits. 

The CM-6 Low Voltage monitor and the CM-12 Line Voltage monitor detects Carbon Monoxide (CO) in commercial facilities. It can be used as a stand-alone carbon monoxide detector and controller and as an analog transducer for use with Macurco control panels and other systems – ETL Listed, LADBS Approved

Key features of CM-6 or CM-12 standalone carbon monoxide (CO) detectors

• Easy installation to 4x4 electrical boxes via mud plate
• User selectable settings (Default to industry standards) via two button interface
• 5 A SPDT fan relay, 0.5A alarm relay to control fans, valves, louvers, horn and strobes
• 4-20mA output to control VFD’s and send to BMS
• LED display to easily show gas concentrations
• End of life notification
• Field calibration kits available

Applications of Macurco carbon monoxide detectors
• Parking garages
• Mechanical rooms
• Restaurants
• Battery charging stations
• Breweries
• Storage facilities
• Loading docks
• Warehouses
• Firehouses & ambulance bays
• Refrigeration facilities
• Vehicle repair facilities
• Bus depots

Two year limited warranty

Made in the USA

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