AimSafety PM150-CO2 Carbon Dioxide Single-Gas Monitor

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#Maintenance-free#Dual button operation#Rugged#Easy-to-read LCD display#IP66/67 protection rating#Rechargeable with up to 7 day run time
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Macurco, AimSafety PM150-CO2 Carbon Dioxide Single-Gas, Personal Monitor
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The PM150-CO2 is a low maintenance, rechargeable single-gas monitor that protects workers by providing exposure detection for carbon dioxide in many different applications.  The PM150-CO2 continuously monitors ambient air conditions and provides real-time gas concentrations on an easy to read LCD display.  A three-tier alarm system warns the user of the presence of unsafe carbon dioxide levels with audible, visual, and vibrating notifications.  The units low, high, STEL and TWA alarms can be adjusted via the USB Type-C charger and software.

Key Features
• 0-50,000PPM or 0-5% Vol. configurable
• Visible calibration status
• Maintenance-free
• Dual button operation
• Event logging
• Data logging
• Rugged
• Easy-to-read LCD display
• IP66/67 protection rating
• Rechargeable with up to 7 day run time
• Two year limited warranty

• Wineries
• Breweries
• Food processes
• Cannabis production
• Dry ice
• Laboratory
• Manufacturing
• Refrigeration
• Indoor air quality