Eagle 2 Standard 4-gas Replacement Sensors

NC-6260B RKI
0.93 LBS
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RKI Eagle 2 Standard 4-Gas Replacement Sensors

61-0155RK         LEL H2 only, plug-in, (NC-6244) for EAGLE 2
65-0601RK         Oxygen (O2) (OS-B3), for EAGLE, EAGLE 2
65-2005RK         Carbon Monoxide (CO), 0 - 500 ppm range
ES-87RW-H2S   Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), 0 - 100 ppm range
NC-6260B           LEL / ppm, plug-in, EAGLE 2

NOTE: When ordering replacement sensors, it is essential to get the sensor type numbers off the old sensor, or else the incorrect sensor may be purchased. Different sensor technologies or IR ranges are not interchangeable without also changing the sub-board and possibly other hardware