Draeger Tube Opener 7000

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Draeger Tube Opener 7000

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Draeger Aerotest Kit Accessories and Spares

Draeger-Tubes® are widely used to measure the quality of compressed breathing air, the purity of medical gases, contaminants in process gases, and impurities in technical gases. The Aerotest Kits facilitate these types of measurements by reducing the pressure of the sample to a level at which the Draeger-Tubes® can accurately operate.

With gas purity testing systems from Draeger you can determine the quality of breathing air supplied by a compressor or a compressed gas cylinder, you can test the purity of carbonic acid or check the purity of medical gases. Typical application fields include the beverages industry, chemical and petrochemical industry and medical applications. All gas purity testing kits are based on our Draeger-Tubes® and come in a handy carrying case. A test can be carried out in just about five minutes.

Includes one Tube Opener 7000

Draeger Part No. 6401200