Draeger Sampling Tube Activated Charcoal Tube

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Draeger Sampling Tube Activated Charcoal Tube

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 Draeger, Sampling Tube, Activated Charcoal Tubes: (Type B/G),  (Type B),  (Type NIOS)

ORSA for organic compound lab analysis

Sorbent Sampling Tubes (Active Sampling)

For sampling organic compounds which adsorb on activated charcoal.

High precision guaranteed: The Draeger sampling tubes and systems are very reliable in use even with complex compounds and mixtures of substances.

Draeger ST Activated Charcoal Tube (Type B/G) Product Number  8101821

Draeger ST Activated Charcoal Tube (Type B) Product Number  6733011

Draeger ST Activated Charcoal Tube (Type NIOS) Product Number  6728631