Why Using a Gas Detector in Cold Weather Is Dangerous

Why Using a Gas Detector in Cold Weather Is Dangerous

Posted by William Kimmell on 23rd Jan 2023

If you’re someone who uses gas detectors on a regular basis at work, you should know how cold weather affects these tools. Winter can be a dangerous time for industrial workers who depend on gas detectors to monitor unsafe gas levels. Keep reading to learn why using a gas detector in cold weather is dangerous.

Know the Low Temperature Rating

Portable gas monitors are incredibly useful tools that alert you when certain atmospheric gas levels get too high. However, there’s a limit to how well they work in cold temperatures. According to most portable gas detector manufacturers, the low temperature rating for continuous operation is -4 degrees Fahrenheit (or -20 degrees Celsius).

The Dangers of Cold Temperatures

Using a gas detector in cold weather is dangerous because the device loses accuracy when temperatures drop below a certain point. This means it won’t register the correct gas levels in your environment. Imagine if someone starts welding when there are high levels of flammable gases in the vicinity. That’s a recipe for an explosion. Sadly, such accidents happen regularly during winter freezes.

What You Can Do To Stay Safe

If you must work in extremely cold temperatures, there are a couple of things you can do to try and protect the accuracy of your portable gas detector. First, you can try keeping it tucked inside your jacket until you need it. This will allow your body warmth to protect the delicate sensors.

If you’re going to be outdoors longer, you can try acclimating your machine. Let it sit in the cold for 15 minutes before you power it on. This may help it retain accuracy.

The Bottom Line

A good rule to remember is that if it’s too cold for you to work outside, it’s probably too cold for your gas detector. When temperatures are extreme, it’s much safer to postpone any unnecessary work that requires gas detection until things warm up.

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