The RKI Stand Alone Transmitter M2A-XL   Available Now

The RKI Stand Alone Transmitter M2A-XL Available Now

5th Jun 2024

We are proud to offer a variety RKI products - including the M2A-XL.

This stand alone transmitter is the original M2A but with an alternate housing - slightly taller, wider and deeper. 

Since this housing is deeper than the original M2A, longer standoffs are required inside to properly bring the display up to the transmitter's window.

Changes related to using the new, alternate housing are outlined below:

  • M2A-XL is the new model name for the original M2As installed in the larger housing, and is visible on the label around the display.
  • The Manual is different, with revised dimensional drawings to reflect the larger enclosure.
  • New part numbers are utilized for the M2A-XL. Letters "XL" replace the "RK" within the former M2A part #'s.
  • Inside, the electronics and operation are exactly the same as the original M2A - only the enclosure has changed.
  • The original M2A has been discontinued