Single vs. Multi-Gas Detectors: Which Is Best?

Single vs. Multi-Gas Detectors: Which Is Best?

Posted by William Kimmell on 29th Sep 2022

Gas detection is a vital safety precaution in many kinds of workplaces. Since most harmful gases are invisible and many have no smell, detectors are the only way to know if a silent killer is present. Check out our tips for deciding whether a single or multi-gas detector is best for you.

Questions to Ask:

  • Do you know which gases are present in your workplace?
  • Are those gases in one area or several spots?
  • Do you prefer stationary or handheld gas detectors?

Dealing With Unknown Gases

The first question to ask yourself is whether you know which gases are present in your workplace. If you know what those gases are, then you probably don’t need a way to detect extra gases. For example, firefighters know that carbon monoxide is the gas they’re most likely to encounter on a daily basis, so they wear single-gas detectors as part of their uniforms.

However, if the gases in your workplace are unknown, a multi-gas detector is the better option. You’ll have a much higher chance of detecting any dangerous gases so you can take appropriate precautions.

Concentration Matters

Sometimes, workers know that a certain area of their workplace is the source of harmful gases. In that case, placing a stationary multi-gas detector in the vicinity would be the best option. On the other hand, single-gas monitors in different areas of the workplace are a better choice if the poisonous fumes are not clustered together.

Stationary vs. Handheld Gas Detectors

Both single and multi-gas detectors come in stationary and portable variants. However, the more gases a detector must recognize, the larger the device will be. This can make having a portable multi-gas detector impractical for some workers.

The Bottom Line

Whether a single or multi-gas detector is best for you depends on the situation and what you need the detector to do. If you are still unsure which option is right for your workplace, reach out to TG Technical Services. We carry single and multi-gas monitoring devices in both handheld and stationary versions, and our monitors detect gases such as CO2, CO, H2, H2S, NH3, and O2. Let us help you keep your workplace safe!