Signs Your Building Has Poor Indoor Air Quality

Signs Your Building Has Poor Indoor Air Quality

Posted by William Kimmell on 12th Jul 2022

Indoor air quality can negatively impact our health and quality of living. We rely on HVAC systems to regulate the air inside the buildings in which we operate, but these systems can also contribute to poor indoor air quality. As an employer, it’s crucial to maintain safe working conditions for employees by recognizing any hazardous elements in the work environment. Learn the signs your building has poor indoor air quality, what environmental factors contribute to it, and what solutions can help minimize it.

What Is Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Poor indoor air quality refers to air polluted with dirt, debris, dust, pollen, bacteria, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These particles are common but dangerous when experienced at high levels.

Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

It’s important to monitor the signs your building has poor indoor air quality to prevent chronic health issues in employees. Assess the building and its occupants for the following signs of poor indoor air quality:

  • Coughing or troubled breathing without a related or known health condition
  • Sneezing or allergic reactions when present inside your building
  • Skin irritation or dryness aggravated by being inside the building
  • Hot and cold spots throughout the building that indicate poor indoor air circulation
  • Unpleasant odors inside your building that can come from chemicals, mold, or pollen buildup in the ventilation ducts

Poor Indoor Air Quality Solutions

If you suspect your building has poor indoor air quality, address the issue as soon as possible with the following solutions:

  • Schedule regular HVAC evaluations to ensure the ducts function properly.
  • Conduct an air quality test using air quality monitors, such as fixed gas detectors, to identify harmful gases or toxic levels of pollutants.
  • Contact a professional hygienist to assess your building design, machinery, and functionality to offer more efficient solutions.

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