RKI Instruments GX-2009 Discontinued at the End of 2023

Posted by William Kimmell on 13th Apr 2022

RKI Instruments just announced the following:

GX-2009 Available through 2023


The GX-2009 has been one of the most popular 4-gas monitors for over a decade, but due to the discontinuation of critical components RKI estimates having enough inventory for about 2 more years of production, or through 2023. Replacement parts for the GX-2009, including sensors and filters, will continue to be available for many more years following that.

This is a good time to begin transitioning GX-2009 customers to the GX-3R or GX-3R Pro if you haven't already. In the meantime, the quantity discounts for the GX-2009, which were temporarily suspended, are now available again while supplies last.