Reasons You Need a Photoionization Detector

Reasons You Need a Photoionization Detector

Posted by William Kimmell on 10th May 2022

A photoionization detector, or PID sensor, is a type of gas sensor that detects low concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in the atmosphere. Photoionization occurs when an atom produces a current wave and ultraviolet lamps ionize the present compound gases. When compound gas becomes electrically charged, it expels another current wave that is read by a photoionization detector. PID sensors detect various gases and hazardous vapors in the air and can read them at low concentration levels.

If the concentration level of toxic gases is low, they can go undetected and harm workers through chronic exposure before experiencing symptoms. Other benefits of using a PID sensor is that they operate for extended periods of time and have the option of being used as a handheld device. Photoionization detectors are primarily used to detect VOCs in air, soil, and water from gas leakage and other contaminants. Explore the reasons you need a photoionization detector to protect the health and safety of your workers and prevent hazardous from VOC levels.

Easy To Use

Photoionization detectors are versatile in their usability. The device can be portable, handheld, or have a fixed installation to meet the air-quality needs of any industrial environment.

Detects Low VOC Levels

Photoionization detectors are useful screening tools to read low concentrations of toxic gases. Industrial employees and first responders can use PIDs to accurately measure the level of gases in the atmosphere to reduce health and safety risks.

Provides Instantaneous Results

Photoionization detectors are the first line responders to indicate the presence of toxic gas levels in an environment. PIDs have response factors programmed into the device software to alert users automatically. PIDs can also provide a direct reading of a target compound on a test site.

The photoionization detector is a sensitive gadget that’s adaptable, easy to use, and crucial to gauge emergency leak situations on an industrial site. Measuring the air quality in an environment can protect the health and safety of occupants and prevent long-term damage to employees and work sites.

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