Portable Gas Detection Equipment: Which Is Right for You?

Portable Gas Detection Equipment: Which Is Right for You?

Posted by William Kimmell on 14th Jun 2022

Portable gas detection equipment serves an essential role in protecting workers on the job. Without protective equipment, a variety of industrial tasks would fail from workers being unable to navigate them safely. The features people look for in portable gas detection equipment vary by industry and required job. There are various types of gas monitoring devices on the market, and it’s challenging to determine the best equipment to get a specific job done. The safety culture within a company or industry is vital for ethical and efficient business production. Explore the features of various gas monitors to decide which type of portable gas detection equipment best meets the safety needs of your job.

Single-Gas Monitors

Advanced gas monitoring isn’t always required or applicable for a job site. Regular gas detection only requires a single-gas monitor with interchangeable sensors. The best use for a single-gas monitor is when only one gas needs monitoring, but the option to rotate sensors is necessary. It’s best to evaluate the operational differences between a single and multi-gas monitor before assigning them to a team. It’s important to explore the varying features of gas monitors to choose the best one for a specific application.

Multi-Gas Monitors

The broad range of gas monitor types makes it difficult to determine the right detection equipment for the job. A portable multi-gas detector provides more sampling features within the same compactable as single gas monitors. A multi-gas monitor eliminates the need for two monitors because it permits a worker to use it for personal monitoring and confined space sampling via the slide-on pump.

Advanced Safety Features

Most gas detectors are similar in their design, yet distinguishable by their additional safety features. The safety features required in a gas monitoring device vary between industries, and evaluating the sensor technology is the best way to distinguish these features. The most important safety features to assess in gas monitors are alarm sharing, connectivity to other devices, and man-down functionality.

A majority of gas monitors detect and alert occupants of various gases in the atmosphere, but not every device features a panic button, wi-fi connectivity, or customized messaging. The most important feature to look for in a portable gas monitoring device is connectivity. If you’re operating portable gas detection equipment, then you’re likely operating a task that requires mobilizing a team that can communicate with each other. It’s crucial for a gas monitor to be compatible with shared technology, connecting team members in real-time to enable team-based safety.

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