New Enclosure for RKI Instruments M2A Series Fixed Gas Monitors

Posted by William Kimmell on 9th Nov 2022

M2A Gets Additional EnclosureM2A-XL

Demand for the M2A has continued to increase. As a result, RKI has decided to add an additional source for a housing with more availability. The M2A-XL is the M2A with an alternate housing, which is slightly taller, wider and deeper, but the electronics and operation are the same as the original M2A housing.

Some customers may prefer a slightly larger enclosure with more room inside for additional wiring. Since this housing is deeper than the original M2A, longer standoffs are required inside to properly bring the display up to the transmitter's window.



Changes related to using the new, alternate housing are outlined below:

  • M2A-XL is the new model name for M2As installed in the larger housing. The new model name will be visible on the label around the display. In the future, if anyone orders new parts or a new display assembly, the display will come with the longer standoffs.
  • The Manual(s) will be different. The dimensional drawings have been revised to reflect the larger enclosure.
  • New part numbers will be utilized for the M2A-XL. The letters XL will replace the letters RK within the existing M2A part #s. Pricing will be the same as the existing M2A versions.
  • Initially we will focus the use of the M2A-XL on standard 4-gas versions LEL, O2, CO, and H2S, but the enclosure is compatible with all versions of the M2A.
  • Inside the M2A-XL the electronics and operation are exactly the same as the M2A. The only difference is the available larger enclosure.

Our priority is to continue to provide a high quality product with reasonable lead times. The M2A-XL will help us to uphold this priority even during these challenging times where supply chain issues can be so disruptive.