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New Branding of BW Technologies Gas Monitors


BW to Honeywell Brand Transition

Copied this from a Honeywell Announcement

Over the coming months you will begin to notice changes in the naming and branding of key. BW Technologies products, both on the product themselves and on the product packaging. The MicroClip XL/X3, Max XT II, BW Clip® and IntelliDoX® will have product labels, packaging artwork, and sales collateral updated to reflect the Honeywell Brand.

This choice of products and the timing of these changes were done to take full advantage of the global recognition of the Honeywell brand while also maintaining and transferring over the brand recognition of the BW Technologies brand.

These changes only affect the branding of the products. There will be no impact to the part numbers, price, or how you order.
Below are the changes you can expect to see over the next few months.

Product Names

- GasAlertMicroClip XL will now be Honeywell BWTM MicroClip XL
- GasAlertMicroClip X3 will now be Honeywell BWTM MicroClip X3
- GasAlertMax XT II will now be Honeywell BWTM Max XT II

There are no changes to the BW Clip or IntelliDoX product names.

All product order numbers will remain the same.

Product Labels

Newly designed front product labels will now be used on the MicroClip XL/X3, Max XT II and BW Clip detectors. These new labels align to the Honeywell branding standards and create consistency with our new products. Efforts were taken to ensure key customer requirements like gas colors or model identifiers were not affected.

The IntelliDoX product identifier label, located on the top of the unit, will have a similar update.
Product Image
Product Box Artwork:

Newly designed packaging artwork will now be used to ship these products. The new artwork aligns to the Honeywell branding standards. Efforts were taken to ensure the box layout, materials used and key certification markings were unchanged.
Product Image

Website and Datasheet

Updates to the Honeywell Analytics product pages and sales collateral like datasheets have already begun. These changes reflect the key name changes of the products and put focus on the Honeywell brand.