Fixed vs. Portable Gas Detectors: What Is the Difference?

Fixed vs. Portable Gas Detectors: What Is the Difference?

Posted by TG Technical Services on 5th Sep 2021

Whether they’re mines or factories, many different workplaces must keep an eye out for harmful gases. Businesses use a bevy of tools, including gas detectors, to keep their potentially hazardous worksites safe. However, there’s a question you must consider before determining when to use fixed vs. portable gas detectors: what is the difference? Below, we’ll break down the significant distinctions between these tools so that you can find the correct method for keeping your workplace safe.

Portable Gas Detectors

At the end of the day, fixed and portable gas monitors work towards the same goal: monitoring the air for harmful materials to keep workplaces safe for employees. However, how you install them is where the key difference comes into play.

Portable gas monitors are tools employees carry through a work environment to monitor the air around them at any given time. Whether you need a single-gas monitoring device or a multi-gas one, portable units ensure employees are always aware of nearby hazards in the air. Portable gas detectors come in different shapes and sizes, but high-quality options share similar attributes, such as compact sizes and accurate readings.

Fixed Gas Detectors

On the other hand, fixed gas monitors are not handheld devices. In fact, another common moniker for this device is “stationary gas monitor,” which should clue you in on how this system works. Facilities install fixed gas detectors on the walls of work areas that are consistently prone to dangerous gas exposure. An effective fixed gas monitor will emit a loud alarm to warn of dangerous gas levels, ensuring everyone in the area knows when hazards are present.

As you can see, when it comes to choosing fixed vs. portable gas detectors, learning what the difference is requires little more than understanding each device’s name. When buying devices, such as fixed gas monitors, you should always head to reputable manufacturers that deliver the accuracy and reliability you’re looking for. Suffice it to say, when it comes to workplace safety devices, reliability is a key attribute.