Why Install a Gas Detection System?

3rd May 2023

SAFETY**SAVINGS**SILENCE The solution to pollution is dilution. The solution to vehicle exhaust in parking garages is dilution with “fresh” air drawn in by fans, louvers and doors until reaching … read more
5 Ways To Prevent Dangerous Formaldehyde Exposure

5 Ways To Prevent Dangerous Formaldehyde Exposure

Posted by William Kimmell on 2nd May 2023

Modern conveniences can sometimes have hidden dangers. Most people don’t realize that formaldehyde is in everything, from fertilizer to furniture. They also don’t know that it may have a connection to … read more

Can a Catalytic Bead Sensor Cause Combustion ?

19th Apr 2023

NO, a catalytic combustion gas sensor installed in a certified intrinsically safe instrument will not cause combustion or flame propagation, or excessive heat, for any reason when used in accordance w … read more

EOL for Quattro Product Line Options

18th Apr 2023

Effective immediately, Honeywell is ending the following options on the Quattro line of products: Any configurations with black plastics and alkaline battery packs Any con … read more