AE Gas Monitors, Portable Sampling Pump

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#Univeral Pump#.50 lpm Flow# Calibration Required for your Specific Model
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AE Gas Monitor, Portable Sampling Pump

The AE Gas Monitor, AGH1000B sampling pump is a hand-held gas sampling pump used to assist in the gas collection with the AE portable gas monitors or any other brand of gas monitors,
The sampling pump features a safe design that can be used in explosive, hazardous areas. The large-capacity battery has a long operation time.

• Compatible with gas monitors for confined spaces.
• A replaceable filter design blocks dust and water to protect the gas monitor.

Offshore drilling platforms
Sewage plants
Industrial power plants

Quick-plug connection design to the monitor.
Long stainless steel sampling probes are suitable for a variety of confined spaces.
Intrinsically safe design for hazardous areas.


Sampling flow 500ml/min
Indicator light status, charge
Ingress protection IP55
Operating temperature -10℃ to 55℃, 14F to 131F
Operating humidity 10~95%RH non-condensing
Operating pressure 80-120kPa
Battery rechargeable lithium battery, 3.7V, 2200mAh
Working time ≥12h
Body material ABS
Sampling pipe stainless steel