ONESUIT Hazglove - 91 (OEM Cuff)

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ONESUIT® Hazglove-91 (OEM Specific Cuff)

ONESUIT® Hazglove-91 is a high performance CBRN protective glove with unsurpassed comfort and dexterity that provides maximum protection against chemical and biological hazards. It is produced using Saint-Gobain’s CORETECH® barrier technology, providing ultimate broad range chemical protection and is certified to NFPA 1991 (2016 Ed.) with optional liquefied gas and flash fire escape protection. The glove features an internal chemical barrier liner and an outer aramid glove which form a permanently joined single piece glove that will not invert during use.


Features and Benefits 

Certified to NFPA 1991 (2016 Ed.)

 Single component design provides outstanding dexterity and superior comfort compared to multi-component glove systems

 Integrated construction ensures ease of use by preventing glove re-inversion

 CORETECH® material technology gives extreme chemical protection

 Aramid outer ensures superior protection from cuts and punctures and flame protection including chemical flash fires

 Universal suit compatibility

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