Draeger Safety X-plore 3500 Premium Half Mask

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Draeger Safety X-plore 3500 Economical Half Mask

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Twin-filter half-face mask

  • ​Dräger specific bayonet connection (twin-filter system)
  • mask body made from Soft-TPE or DrägerFlex material (silicon free)
  • to be used with X-plore Bayonet filters

Flexible nose area for secure fit

  • ​The special design ensures a tight fit without added pressure on the nose bridge, in addition to wearing characteristics that prevent interference with eye protection. The three sizes (S, M, L) ensure a perfect fit for every face.

“Low-profile” design

  • ​The lateral location of the filters and the shallow design of the mask provide an exceptional field of vision and good wearing characteristics for use under protective visors. Furthermore, the comfortable design leads to a longer wearable tolerance by the user.

"FlexiFit" head harness

  • The new adaptable material provides an excellent fit on the head without trapping hair. Even under helmets, you won't notice the headgear.

Easily adjustable head harness

  • The innovative X guides of the harness are easy to adjust and ensure an even weight and pressure distribution, resulting in increased wearer comfort.​

Low-maintenance and cost effective

  •  ​Dräger X-plore® 3300 is a low-maintenance half face mask--the right choice. The right choice for all who need cost effective and comfortable respiratory protection.

Versatile use

  • ​The Dräger X-plore® 3300 is equipped with two lateral bayonet connections for use with the comprehensive Dräger X-plore bayonet filter series.​